Our first post

Welcome to GC content! Gamze Gürsoy and Charlotte Brannon, here–we are two scientists currently working in Mark Gerstein’s group at Yale University. We hail from different parts of the world (Gamze from Istanbul, Charlotte from Houston), are at different parts of our careers (Gamze a postdoc, Charlotte a postgrad), and have a variety of different research interests (too many for a parenthetical). But we both share a passion for our research, and an interest in the intersection of biology, computer science, and ethics. Also, as feminist scientists, we are excited about women’s voices in science. We are starting this blog to have a forum to write about this mix of interesting issues. We hope you enjoy it!

“GC content” typically refers to the percentage of Guanine and Cytosine base pairs in a region of DNA. According to us, it also refers to “Gamze and Charlotte’s” content…

“GC content” is our clever way of highlighting ourselves–Gamze and Charlotte–and our focus on genomics. GC content refers to the percentage of Guanine-Cytosine base pairs in a particular fragment of DNA or RNA. A GC base pair is held together by 3 hydrogen bonds and these 3 bonds represent our commitment to science, yale, and publications… just kidding! We have no more of an analogy, at least not yet. In this blog we hope to write about science, and also topics pertaining to our own lives and interests (i.e. our content). By including a variety of posts, we hope to bring humanity to science and vice versa.

Please visit our “About us” page to learn more.

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